Grammarly Reviews: What Consumers Have To Say

Grammarly is considered to be the best type of online type grammar checker available today, compared to many other programs in the same price range. It features accurate and thorough tools along with grammar rules and explanations. Grammarly operates as a virtual type of grammar coach and automated proofreader.

This type of online grammar checker is unable to locate every grammatical error, you have to go through it manually with or a dictionary? However, the product scored high on Accuracy tests with features and various tools to improve and correct grammar errors. Grammarly offers a full service in feedback and editing tools and the online interface offers ease of use, modern and smooth.

The company that produced Grammarly states that the program is able to pick up over 250 different grammatical errors. In addition, the product assists in various writing styles and includes creative writing, news posts, blogs, presentations, dissertations, research papers, book reviews, academic writing, reports and business documents. The versatile options can support all types of writers on every experience level. In addition the program is easy enough to use for Non- english speakers and writers.

Grammarly is able to pick up nearly all types of grammar errors, however, is not as precise and accurate compared to human editors. The accuracy score achieved by the Grammarly product was an impressive 95%, much higher than other scores on competitor programs. The spell checker in Grammarly is able to locate every spelling error and the checker points for online grammar will point and direct mistakes such as use of modifiers, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions, using negatives and using articles.

The link in the Dashboard of the user interface, online will display a summary in errors along with a virtual “Personal Grammar Handbook”. This handbook features up to date, relevant rules that will include run on sentences, colon misuse and compound sentences.

The interface is utilitarian and clean and is extremely easy to use and displays clear methods in pointing out, reviewing and corrections on bad grammar along with spelling errors. The program then provides useful feedback along with grammar explanations that are easy to understand.

The program offers a review window, where text can be pasted for corrections. The buttons displayed at the top part of the page include Start Review, Searching errors and finding plagiarism. When errors are detected the errors are displayed one part at a time. The wrong word will be highlighted in the color red along with a type of text box with a valid explanation.

The explanations are offered in a short or longer explanation. The longer explanations feature the broken grammar rules. The long version hosts correct examples along with incorrect examples. With a free sample at the official website.

The Pros

Grammarly has achieved a high accuracy score, very simple to use and great feedback in learning grammar rules.

The Cons

The processing speed in locating grammatical errors is slower compared to other programs and the program does not feature live chat options like some of the other programs in the same range.However, the accuracy levels make Grammarly a better choice. Otherwise, White Smoke is decent enough as an alternative.


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