Grammarly Review on the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Program

Grammarly is a software program created to assist anyone looking to improve on their writing skills, grammar and the correct use of punctuation. The software has a number of strengths as well as a few weaknesses that individuals should be aware of before purchasing the program.

Strengths in the Grammarly Program

Grammarly features “paper types” which allows the user to select from options in sensitivity. These options should relate to the writing style that requires evaluation. The options available for writing styles will include: Casual, Creative, Technical, Academic, Business and General.

The sensitivity levels will vary for each option. An example such as using the word “isn’t” in the Academic option will display the word as an error. However, the word “isn’t” when used in the Casual option will be viewed as correct.


Grammarly has remarkable capabilities in locating any text or parts of that are already displayed in documents on another website on the Web. Grammarly is a great tool for teachers to check on their students papers for any plagiarism issues.

Easy to Use

grammar-factsThe program for Grammarly is set out in an easy to use dashboard whereby individuals can choose which options they would like to utilize. The program is able to evaluate a number of different text types, check for plagiarism. At the end of the evaluation a report can be printed out which displays an easy to read and concise document.

Weaknesses in the Grammarly Program

The weaknesses of the Grammarly program will differ from one individual to the next. However, in this review of the Grammarly program weaknesses of the program is the way Grammarly will evaluate certain creative writing pieces. Some writers are known to violate a number of grammatical constraints. However, these writers intentionally and knowingly disregard a few grammatical conventions as they wish to produce or create a specific effect.

Overall Assessment

Grammarly hosts excellent customer service options and a very easy to use application that can be customized according to the style and type of writing. There are no improvements needed in this department.

However, Grammarly can benefit from improving the current speed the user interface and proofreading goes at. The speeds are regarded as adequate for smaller documents that will include: letters, short stories and blog posts. However, pieces of writing such as a novel that features 60-80K in words will take a very long time to proof read.

In addition the pop up boxes used for explanations seem to slow down the program even further. If the Grammarly program could include an icon which would allow for the user to choose the explanation pop up boxes instead of the feature operating automatically. When individuals already know what parts or words in their text are incorrect and will have the right knowledge on how to correct the problem. Grammarly could provide an easier option of just selecting the correct choice and then to move on. These types of writers will not benefit from the additional information and could find this part of the analysis to be somewhat frustrating. However, for writers who are unsure about the correct usage of grammar, punctuation and spelling, Grammarly provides the perfect solution in giving an accurate and easy to understand explanation on each error made.

Grammarly works far better in comparison to general grammar checkers featured in programs such as Microsoft Word. However, writers may take advantage in using both these checks to produce a more correct and accurate document. Grammarly would offer far better features if they could include “downloadable plugins” for other types of word processing options like: Word Perfect, Notepad and Open Office. Various authors use Word for their writing, however, many authors prefer to use other programs.

Grammarly is definitely a recommended program for all authors. However, Grammarly does not replace content editors. The program is designed for proofreading before, after and even after the document has been content edited. Grammarly is effective in picking up those mistakes that often slip through other checkers.

Grammarly is the type of program that will highly appeal to certain writers, while others may find other grammar checkers a more preferable choice. In essence writers can choose to invest in the Grammarly program dependent on their style of writing. For academic papers, Grammarly is a fantastic and accurate tool. On the other hand Grammarly may not be suited for certain types of creative writing pieces.


Despite the fact that the Grammarly program has a few shortcomings, the customer service, easy to use dashboard and powerful tools make up for these weaknesses. Room for improvement is needed, however, the accuracy of the tools used for grammar and punctuation are far superior compared to similar software on the market today. In conclusion the Grammarly program is a perfect tool for non- English speakers who may struggle with their grammar and individuals starting out in a writing career.


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