Grammarly VS Writecheck: Reviews

Plagiarism is a problem, but it is a problem that can be dealt with before the work gets published or even worse turned in for a college grade, resulting in expulsion from school. This is when you should know which of the best tools are best for checking for plagiarism, but also keeping you updated on the grammar in your works. Without this type of modern day tool, you could spend hours on end trying to get the work completed and perfectly edited, but still make some mistakes because of what you are looking for. To help you out in this category you may find a couple of leading programs in grammarly or writecheck, but are not sure which to use. Here are the pros of each program.

Grammarly Pros

Grammarly is a program that is well valued by a lot of people. Some of the pros that you can find with Grammarly is the ability to check your works for over 250 different types of grammar mistakes, some of which are so common everyone misses them. However, you can also have your works scanned by Grammarly to see if you have any type of plagiarism in place against their database of close to 8 billion different web text. Something else with Grammarly is you can have the added value of replacing common words with better wording for your articles to flow properly. For a complete review of Grammarly see here.

Writecheck Pros

Writecheck is another program that is used by quite a few people. However, Writecheck has been viewed as the up and comer for quite some time and in the minds of some people has overtaken the market for grammar and plagiarism checking ability. With Writecheck you will get a powerful tool that will check the grammar of your works for all of the common errors, but also quite a few of the uncommon errors, which will help you get your works published on sites. However, Writecheck will also take your work and run it through different plagiarism checks as well. The bonus is Writecheck is using the same software, Turnitin, that is used by most of the college students. So you do not have to be concerned about your works not being checked over properly. Another great feature about Writecheck is the opportunity to take advantage of tutoring. In this aspect, you will have a chance to see what your mistakes are and know how you can improve on the mistakes you have made.

As you can tell both Grammarly and Writecheck have quite a few pros, but both of them do the same basic function. However, you should make an educated choice and know about the pros of each program before you settle on either one. Once you know these pros, you can delve a little bit deeper to see which of the programs will help you out the most in your writing. Without this type of help, though, you could end up handing in a paper that is riddled with errors and plagiarized works.

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