Healthmaster VS Vitamix

Healthmaster boasts a line of shiny high-powered food blenders with a plethora of components which would catch the eye of any food blender seeker. Many people are tempted by the many options each sophisticated Healthmaster blender provides and purchase one without doing the proper background check. Had they put a little time into researching it, they would be amazed to find out that Healthmaster blenders are among the worst of the worst when it comes to customer satisfaction. More often than not customers are flustered by the complex mechanics that one must learn in order to simply operate their machine, and if that isn’t enough to dissuade one from making the mistake of purchasing one, knowing that it is a struggle to merely get the machine on should promote the proper idea that sticking with a different food blender company would be an overall wiser choice.


  • They look fancy. Healthmaster fails miserably at living up to the standards they seem to advertise to well but they succeed at one thing: Making their food blenders’ look tempting. The fancy makeup as well as chrome-plated machinery parts tempts the common kitchen housewife to add one on their counter just for looks alone. The hefty multi-hundred dollar price tag that accompanies it, though, is the reason why the common kitchen housewife doesn’t add one to their counter for looks alone.
  • It would make a good paperweight. Healthmaster blenders can’t operate functionally as a food blender, so that’s the best use you can possibly utilize out of one of their overpriced machines. If you already bought one and experienced trouble returning it do their impossible to deal with customer service, you can at least make some worth of it by using it to weigh down those stray papers from flying around your kitchen.


  • They don’t work. If you are one of the lucky customers who’ve managed to successfully turn their machine on and insert the desired food into the blending compartment and attempted to create yourself anything but a disaster, you are indeed fortunate. There are hundreds of unsatisfied customers wishing they could take your place.
  • No customer support. After calling their customer support hotline and being placed on hold for longer than desired, you will be put on the phone with a representative who speaks broken English and can’t do anything more to help you with one of the many problems their products carries other than repeatedly apologizing and telling you that they are sorry you are experiencing difficulties. Under rare circumstance you will offered a reimbursement opportunity after countless attempts of asking them for a refund or to speak to a non-existent manager.
  • Healthmaster blenders are overpriced. You can easily find yourself spending hundreds of dollars on a blender that doesn’t function like it should. We advise, for the betterment of your budget, to invest your hard-earned cash in a product that delivers what it promises.

Ultimately, Healthmaster is a failed company that feeds off unsuspecting customers by promoting an excellent advertisement campaign and upholding false promises. Stay away from this company if you can, as the sirens who are calling you to their island are singing songs of false hopes and greed. We’ll soon have a review for Vitamix (it’s actually a great blender and I’d recommend it but it does have it’s faults).

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Healthmaster VS Vitamix, 5.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

7 Responses to “Healthmaster VS Vitamix”

  1. DAN says:

    Proof read your posts BEFORE you post them, “Jeremy.” You have are using the word “necessary” instead of “needed” in several spots.

  2. OneLBil says:

    If trying to compare these two products, look elsewhere for an opinion. There are unnecessary adjectives and detail that add nothing of value; There aren’t any points made about features, quality or ease-of-use. It was a waste of my time to both read this and make a comment.
    I cannot consider this a comparison or review of either product and the author composed several “sentences” in the above article that don’t even make sense. This speaks to their competence to comment on anything.

  3. Dr. Brady M. Bisbocci says:

    This review is complete BS. I have a Healthmaster that is 3 years old and I love it. This review reminds me of my Grandfathers review of his new DVD Blueray that he can’t even set the clock.

  4. Phil says:

    I tend to disagree with this review. I use my Healthmaster almost every day for 2+ years, and still works great.

  5. Beverly says:

    I can’t say the post is totally B.S. because I have friends that have it and wish they had gotten the Vitamix. I guess the bottom line is, a machine is a machine and any of them may have flaws. It could all come down to, you get what you pay for. I have read lots of reviews and the Vitamix won by a land slide on each website link that I reviewed. I have the Vitamix and my daughter has the Healthmaster. The Healthmaster never seems to work once you get all the ingredients in, she ends up having to pour in all in the little Oster blender to get it done. smh. They are now finally sending her a new motor! Hopefully it will come soon.

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