Natural Remedies for Essential Tremors That Work For Seniors

Essential tremors is a bit similar to Parkinson’s Disease but definitely not the same. It is a degenerative neurological disorder and the tremors are often better when you are resting than when some sort of action is being performed. The disease is a disorder of the central nervous system and the cause is probably genetic but has not been confirmed as such. Often these tremors start off in the hands and they are similar to a low-grade muscle spasm. The tremors can affect any muscles in the body. For example the tremors can affect the shaking of your head of your balance may be affected when you are walking, which are just two of the symptoms that can occur. Although the tremors rarely affect legs and feet, it can make it difficult to hold or even use small objects such as a pen or a knife and fork.

There are some essential tremor natural remedies:
Valerian is a herb which can calm the nerves and also help you sleep and it is found in Tremadone. This herbal remedy is best taken before bedtime so you can relax and have a good night’s sleep.

Other herbs that may help are Passion Flower and Skullcap. However, these two herbs could cause dizziness people prone to dizziness should stay away from them. Valerian, on the other hand, does not cause this symptom. However all three herbs have a calming property.

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Because essential tremors is a neurological disorder, any natural remedies like Tremadone that calm the nerves are definitely worth trying. Vitamin B is a prime example as it can have a calming effect. It is recommended to try a supplement which has a balanced B complex and for this reason people ask does Tremadone work? Medline Plus covers this extensively. Always buy whole food supplements whenever possible. A daily dosage of around 50 to 100mg is a good starting point. B vitamins are found in many foods such as whole grains, egg, beans, peas and leafy green vegetables such as kale. Chicken is also good as are milk and cheese but make sure they are organic, of possible.

It is also recommended to take fish oil but make sure it is of the best quality.

It can be that diet can help. Certainly stress affects the condition negatively but so can caffeine consumption. A diet rich in processed foods and sodas is not a good choice. All these processed foods are basically foreign to the body and can cause inflammation but can worsen the symptoms of essential tremors. Also white flour, white sugar and white rice should be avoided.

It is always prudent to consult your health care professional if you are considering natural remedies.

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