What Is Folic Acid Deficiency?

A supplement might be a waste if your getting lots of Iodine from your diet - have some blood work done

A supplement might be a waste if your getting lots of Iodine from your diet – have some blood work done

Folic acid deficiency happens when a person is not consuming enough foods in their diet that contain this important vitamin B. The lack of this substance can lead to a series of health problems because it is the element in charge to help your body to regenerate and make new cells.

For fertile women who are trying to get pregnant or already are, the consumption of folic acid is extremely important. Folic acid deficiency during pregnancy can lead to very serious birth defects. That is why is important for women to keep an eye on their levels of folic acid.

Usually, you can find folic acid in many foods such as citric fruits, vegetables, Tremadone and certain grains. If you find that your diet is not providing you with enough folic acid, you can add a supplement containing this substance to your diet.

In order to absorb folic acid, you have to make sure that you are consuming the right amount of foods that contain. However, other aspects of your lifestyle might also influence the absorption of this vitamin. For example, drinking great amounts of alcohol could can be detrimental to the absorption of folic acid. Also, certain medications interfere with your body natural absorption of this substance.

If you think you have anemia, it is important to see your doctor and get tested so you can get the right treatment. Being treated for a shortage of folic acid when your anemia is caused by something else can be dangerous.

To treat the anemia, you can take folic acid pills each day to bring your folic acid level back up.

Overall, if you are experiencing symptoms related to folic acid deficiency such as exhaustion, loss of appetite or weight, mood swings changes, Essential Tremors,  or have trouble concentrating, you should consult with your healthcare practitioner. Most of the time, responding a simple questionnaire by your doctor and having blood work done will diagnose the disease. The treatment will consist of supplements and change of diet.

Especially if you are pregnant, you want to take care of a folic acid deficiency right away. Diagnosing this disorder during its early stages can help to prevent other issues during your pregnancy.

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